Nothing makes you feel more relaxed or allows you to wipe away the stress of life than a visit to Rimage' Salon and Spa .  All of our hair color, treatments and styling products are based in certified organic pharmaceutical grade aloe vera.


I began this business the day I realized that my guests were the most important part of my career.  It was my hope to offer uncompromised service along with the best products that I could find so each person I touched would benefit from that promise that I made to myself.  Over the past 30 years, that goal continues to be my number one priority.  I love beautiful, healthy, and shining hair, but above that, I pride myself and my team on the value of service each guest receives when they arrive at our Salon and for the smiles they share as they leave to face the day.  It is important to me that every person who makes the decision to trust us with their grooming and wellness needs is not only happy with the results, but know that they are not a statistic, but an important part of the Rimage' family.  I will see to it that your every need is cared for and for that I am rewarded your future business.  I look forward to seeing you soon or meeting you for the first time.  Find out why our hair color is unsurpassed.  Discover the benefits of our home care recommendations.  All products and services are 100%  guaranteed.


Discover the easiest and healthiest way to maintain your salon fresh color with Color Revive.  We all love the way our color looks the day we leave the salon.  You can schedule an in between refresher service in the salon or you can condition and refresh right at home.

Refreshing complimentary pigments match your color and impart shine, hue and moisture balance for youthful healthy hair.  The perfect accompaniment when travelling or on vacation.  Not only for hair that has been professionally colored, this conditioning glaze is great for enhancing natural hair for just a little of pop.  Ask about it on your next visit.

Have you noticed some spaces in your hairline?  Has your hair moved further back than it used to be?  Call me now to book a private consultation and discover your options for fine or thinning hair.  It's not just your baby hairs ladies.  It's a problem thats affecting 75% of guests we see on a regular basis.  Something can be done about it.  We have a solution to help keep your hair on your head and not in the drain in as little as 30 days. Book a private consultation online right now.